Promotional Videos

Why Corporate Video Production Is Right For ​YOU!

Your corporate image is one of your most important assets and video can say much more than mere words or images could ever hope to do. As such, the video construction is vital as it needs to reach the right people with the right message in the right way.

We don’t just do Great Induction Videos!

That’s right, we also produce corporate videos for customers across the globe. We deliver them on time and on budget while ensuring they completely reflect the ethos and foundation of the customers’ businesses.

How we work

Before we begin creating a corporate video for your company, we first aim to fully understand exactly what you do, how you do it, and more importantly, find out your strengths and weaknesses. We need to know what makes you different. So the first thing is to fully understand what you do, how the video is going to be part of your marketing plan and how best we can develop a corporate video for you that isn’t ​just a​ video.

Why not take a look at some of our examples to see what we’ve done and how we did it:


The Bondholders are a group of businesses local to our home city of Hull that work together to help drive and market our various skills to not just the UK but the World.

With this in mind, we were approached to produce them a video that was part video and part animation. The video needed a brief personal introduction to start with and then move onto a more statistical feel in an animation that helped viewers get more of an idea of what the region could and does provide.

We love

This particular corporate video is a favourite of ours as it blends a good introduction with a statistical animation while keeping true to the brand of the Bondholders.

Dalby Firewood

Dalby Firewood are one of those lovely “niche” companies that have made a true name for themselves supplying quality firewood throughout the UK.

Based at the foot of the lovely and dramatic Dalby Forest region of North Yorkshire, this Husband and Wife Team of Joe and Sarah Woodhead wanted a video to help promote their unique offering while still having a real family feel.
After a great day’s filming, and some long hours editing, we created them a video that has helped convert sales across the whole of the UK from their social media and web presence.

Keep up the good work Joe and Sarah!

We love

Sometimes we just sit back, have a look around and realise what a great job we have! Dalby Forest in spring really doesn’t get any better. Our corporate video allowed Dalby forest to say just why they are better than everyone else in a quick and engaging matter.

YESSS Electrical

YESSS Electrical are one of the countries fastest growing electrical wholesalers with branches across the UK. Their brief was for us to produce them a corporate video with no voiceover or actors but one that provided facts on their growth and commitment to service at a nation level. The filming was conducted on three sites across the UK including their distribution centre in Normanton. From start to finish the project took 1 week to finish including filming, editing and overlays and is one of our most popular styles of corporate video.

We love

Our corporate video for YESSS tells a story, it tells of their ability and commitment and it has a good soundtrack. Every time we show people the video they say, “​That’s just like what I want!”​ You can’t get a better accolade for a promotional video than that.

York Fitness

York Fitness is a sports and exercise centre based within the campus of the York University. Everything is catered for including gyms, dance studios, swimming and even a velodrome! Our brief was a simple one… “Let people know what we have and how we can help them achieve their goals.”​ We think we nailed it… what do you think?

We love

We really enjoyed filming this promotional video and threw all sorts at it including GoPros, drones, motorised sliders, mini dollies etc. It turned out to be a brilliant video that we all love.

Satmo Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking has seen a fantastic growth over the years and Satmo Tracking have been there for the long term. The production called for a full animation to show how easy their system worked and the benefits including support and delivery. We started by providing them with a full script from our copywrite team after looking at their promotional needs and then worked on planning out the production for an animation. These types of jobs do take longer but at the end of the day the customer was thrilled with what they have received and have also seen an uplift in conversions across their web and social media.

We love

SATMO were great to work with and gave us a pretty loose brief with this animation to do what we thought was best. We decided to keep it bright, easy to understand and colourful. These jobs are always fun to do, especially when the customer is so happy afterwards!

Aclimatise Outdoor Clothing

Aclimatise are an Irish Producer and Distributor of Quality Outdoor Clothing. They wanted a video that would showcase some of their products and how they might be used in the great outdoors. This also had to include information on many of their unique features that helped set them apart from their competition. Most of the filming was conducted in the Yorkshire Dales and the Humber. Once again the video provided an uplift in sales across their website.

We love

This was another corporate video production that was fun to film as each one of our crew played a part in modelling many of the garments you’ll see in the video alongside other actual models. Next stop Hollywood!