An induction video is a great way of delivering company information simply, quickly and concisely

Your Site Induction Video (sometimes called an Online Induction Video) can include all the relevant safety information including site contacts, muster points and layouts. Combine this with our award-winning Compliance Management System and it’s easy to see how many hours of Inducting and Paperwork we can save you.

If you’ve ever presented regular induction sessions you’ll know how difficult it is to make sure you deliver the same message every time. You’ll know how much time you’re spending inducting staff that might only be on site for only a few hours, and if you have multiple sites the induction problem just gets bigger!

Induction Video

An induction video is a great way of delivering company information simply, quickly and concisely. Your company message has to be delivered clearly and efficiently and when you have many different sites or offices the problem just gets bigger.

With a company induction video, new employees are able to engage and share the goals and aspirations. They’ll see the history of the company, who their line managers are and all the important health and safety information like uniform, PPE, fire procedures and so on. You’re in control – so you can add what you like and by using the video through our CMS, you’ll have a monitored system of tracking which enables you to see who’s done their induction and when.

Delivering Induction Videos to Many Industries

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What Do Our Customers Think?

Induction video testimonial
How employees and contractors operate on site is crucial to the success of any company and, the quickest and most cost effective way to successfully induct new employees is through video.
I would definitely recommend the team at PowerPlus and their services to other companies that are interested in smoothing out their induction processes or health and safety training.

Airco is a leading multi-disciplinary building services company, employing more than 80 staff. Airco has now become a truly national company, with engineering teams based close to our customers in key strategic locations around the UK and offices in Milton Keynes and Central London​ who all need training and inducting for different sites and departments. The portal and support that they have received explains why this mammoth task is now so much easier. All they have to do is send a link to their personalised Airco portal and they can be trained around the world!

Need Some Induction Video Examples?

Highways Common Induction

Highways England is the government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving the whole of England’s motorways and major A roads.

PowerPlus worked with not only Highways England, but many of their suppliers and stakeholders to produce a Generic Induction Video that could be used throughout the whole of the network. Filming included roadside attendance, road construction drone work requiring high levels of safety and security for not just us, but fellow road users as well.

Cammell Laird

Cammell Laird is one of the UK’s premier Shipbuilders for both Commercial and Military Works. Based on the side of the River Mersey on a site spanning over 120 acres, including dry docks, construction halls and covered workshops.

PowerPlus were asked to develop the group a number of Induction videos including Staff, Contractor and Visitor inductions which required special attention and planning due to the many high security areas present on site.

Compass Minerals

Compass Minerals is the largest rock salt producer in the UK and based in Winsford, Cheshire. The scripting of the Induction was particularly challenging due to the many different risks present on the site both on top and below in the mine!

The safety team at Compass Minerals worked with us to make sure every part of the script was covered in detail. This was one of our most memorable places to film as it was the first time we’d flown the drone 400ft “under” the surface!

Ardmore Construction

The Ardmore Group is one of the largest wholly family-owned and run construction companies in the UK. Specialising in delivering large scale design and build projects with a reputation as one of the UK’s leading residential and hotel builders.

The guys at Ardmore came to PowerPlus because they required many different Site Specific Induction Videos mainly in the London City Area. These Induction Videos would be delivered through a tailored security Entry/Exit System.

Tekmar Energy

The Tekmar Group is a market-leading provider of subsea protection systems for cables, umbilicals and flexible pipes along with engineering services and operates in the global offshore wind, energy, interconnector and telecommunication markets for over 35 years.

We were thrilled to work alongside them to produce not just Visitor, Employee and Contractor Induction Videos but also our Induction Management Portal, ensuring they always know who did what wherever they are.

Lane End Group

The Lane End Group are the market leader in the construction and housing sector in the North West. As a leading contracting developer they have created homes for thousands of people and enhanced communities in every area where they have built.

Lane End asked The PowerPlus Group to develop them a full turnkey Video Induction System including Generic Video Inductions, Site Specific Video Inductions and our full Online Compliance System. All this was controlled and monitored through the portal allowing managers to see who had done what and when.

Induction Video Frequently Asked Questions

An induction video is a great way of delivering company information simply, quickly and concisely. Your Site Induction Video (sometimes called an Online Induction Video) can include all the relevant safety information including site contacts, muster points and layouts.
Pre-Induction: information provided prior to the new employee starting work. Induction: The first day and subsequent transition into the workplace. Post-Induction: follow-up and adjustment after the new role has started.
Induction videos need to capture employee attention spans. This means your induction video should be engaging in its content and its presentation.
Good induction videos can increase productivity, employee engagement, and retention. They help in reducing attrition and short-term turnover of staff. They also help improve employee morale, make new hires feel welcome and comfortable in the new environment, and motivate them to perform at an optimum level.
An induction list of activities should cover basics such as how lunch hours work as well as formal activities such as how to submit expenses.
Online Induction offers a custom-built portal for organisational safety management requirements such as general and site-specific safety inductions as well as safety compliance control, among others.