Our Events & Festivals Induction and Compliance Software can handle a lot of people!

We already deal with many events organisations so we know your pain. Thousands of new staff with a quick turnaround and large staff turnover need to be informed about what to do, were and when.

Our events and festivals compliance and management software is designed to handle it all, from Inductions, paperwork and competencies. No need to spend hours and hours on time and paperwork to ensure your compliance as our software does it all for you in one place.

Our aim has always been to have all of your employees turn up readily inducted and trained in the art of controlling the crowd.

For that reason we not only have specialist courses tailored to events (i.e In our fire course we state “the event of a fire contact the control room NOT 999”) and also have specialist terrorism courses. On top of this we also can plug into our time and attendance system for signing into and out of site. Making sure all stewards that have arrived have done their training and are prompt. Here’s what else we have:

Direct Staff
  • Direct Employee Inductions
  • Signing and Tracking of Policies, Procedures and Statements
  • Upload all Staff Competencies
  • Complete any needed courses such as Counter Terrorism, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Slips Trips and Falls etc.
Subcontract Companies
  • Manage their own teams on your portal through your induction software.
  • Upload all of their competencies on their staffs behalf
  • Book onto site
  • Check CSCS cards direct with the CITB system
  • Sign their own RAMS
  • Upload any insurance forms
  • Complete supplier questionnaires
  • Complete their company passport and any site specific inductions
Induction software for events and festivals

The Induction Software Process

Once you have an induction video we can then add this to your very own branded Induction & Training software to create your passport induction.

The passport will be designed exactly how you would like iot to be and can include such things as document uploads, documents sign offs and questionnaires. Basically, anything you currently have face to face and in paper format we can do with our Bespoke Induction Software.

Induction Software with your very own Account Manager

On top of this you’ll get your very own portal manager who will create everything on your behalf from your instructions. Making the whole set up process a breeze. We will also design a training Matrix with you and make sure that this is reflected on the portal.

After this is done we then help you with roll out, and the training of any managing staff on how to use the portal. Each of these members also have a direct manager to contact should they need any help at any time.

The Little Things Make the Difference

To help and assist in the deployment of your new system we’ll also design posters and email flyers you can send out to your teams to use the portal. Then once rolled out anyone can just pick up the phone to our helpdesk and speak to someone to help them. This ensures we’re always supporting you.

Hold on there’s more!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an entry/exit system that talked to our system and only let operatives in when their paperwork was all in order? Well ours can with a simple Entry/Exit Plug In. Now you can monitor staff entries and manage fire logs all in one place with our Contractor Compliance Software.

Which Features Will Benefit You?

Qualification Upload and Verification

So let’s say you have a contractor on site and you need to make sure he has the correct qualifications.

Well, with our Passport Journey you can include not just a certificate upload section but a renewal or reminder date. That means that when a certificate loses its validation you’ll be notified when.

On top of this the system can be adapted to refuse him access until the problem has been resolved.

Signed Company Policies

We see many companies go through the work of a long PowerPoint Induction only to finish off with sheets and sheets of paper that need signing and storing.

This makes the Induction not just expensive to print and store but environmentally damaging to the planet. All this when we’re supposed to be working towards a cleaner and more efficient society.

So let’s say no more printed sheets, no more stored files doing nothing else but catching dust, let’s just use a smart system that gives you everything you need in one place.

Health & Safety Training Courses

Many workers today require Safety Awareness Courses for the particular job they’ll be doing.

Some might work in an office environment and require DSE and Cyber Security Training while other site workers may need Working at Height and Manual Handling Courses.

Our Compliance Management System takes all this in it’s stride and can specifically target which person gets which course through the Intelligent Set Up System.

Contact us today to see your companies very own bespoke mock up and understand how our features can benefit your team!

Events & Festivals Frequently Asked Questions

We provide compliance and management software as well as inductions, paperwork and any competencies required.
There is availability of events and festival courses to be personalised from regular videos for example what procedures to follow in the event of a fire and specific counter terrorist courses.
Within the event and festival industry security is a high priority and so a system such as a fire register allows for the ability to track who is working and who is not.
Video Inductions allow for the same message to be conveyed every time keeping employees aware of all policies and procedures.
By using compliance software you can have all documents digitised with employees' signatures at the bottom of each document showing they have read and understood.