Experts in delivering video inductions to the manufacturing industry

Don’t waste time delivering the same induction over and over again to employees in a high turnover industry. If you’re tired of standing in front of new starters, contractors and visitors time and again, delivering the same training by using PowerPoint and paper-based methods then it’s time to standardise your induction, ensuring the highest quality induction is delivered time and time again.

We want to deliver the critical information your people need, and we do all the work for you. From scripters, presenters, animators, film crews, green screen studios, drones, our equipment and experience will always put your inductions above the rest. Whilst making your Induction Video, we’ll understand the importance of making it packed with all the information that’s needed for your employees.

Manufacturing inductions. They don’t need to be boring!

Switch to a Manufacturing Video Induction to make sure you deliver a more entertaining, more concise and more professional message. Our team of Professionals can script, film, present and animate all your Induction Information into one slick delivery. At PowerPlus, we have years and years of experience in dealing with this particular industry – so why not tap into our knowledge of bespoke Manufacturing Inductions for your company or factory?

We can help teach your employees, contractors and visitors everything they need to know, even before they arrive on site so now they can turn up, knowledgeable of the company and excited to start!

There is a better way

A manufacturing induction includes an abundance of knowledge, from factory maps and muster points to company policies and expectations, digitalise this information and condense it into one straightforward, informative video.

Need Some Induction Video

The Advantages Of Producing A Manufacturing Induction Video

“Our message is delivered exactly the same every time.”

“We were able to add or adapt the video to suit our changing requirements (and sites!)”

“Employees can watch the video whenever they want through our own branded CMS Portal.”

“No more travelling the country to induct new staff. All the training can be done remotely.”

“New employees can conduct the induction before they start work so now they come pre-loaded and ready to start.”

“No more “death by PowerPoint”! PowerPlus' videos are designed to be short and engaging while making sure the employee understands their duties fully.”

“We have a legal paper trail in the event of misinterpretation.”

Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing industries have a high turnover of staff so utilising a video induction would reduce the amount of inductions having to be held by a member of staff.
Utilising our years of knowledge as well as combining your own we can create factory maps, assembly points, company policies and much more.
The use of video inductions can help a company induct their staff before arrival allowing for more time spent doing the job and more information retained.
Using Powerpoint is boring and can often be the leading cause of most accidents due to information on health and safety not being retained. Whereas a video allows the user to watch and understand and then prompts questions that must be answered correctly to move on.
Our portals allow us to create staff ID upon the completion of your induction and the uploading of your ID photo.