Experts in Delivering Video Inductions for Staff and Employees

Save time and money by delivering engaging induction videos to your staff, employees and visitors by using the experts. If you’re tired of standing in front of new starters, contractors and visitors time and again, delivering the same training by using an age-old PowerPoint presentation then you’ll love what we do because we’ve rewritten the rulebook.

We want to deliver the critical information your people need, and we do all the work for you. From scripters, presenters, animators, film crews, green screen studios, drones, our equipment and experience will always put your inductions above the rest. Whilst making your Induction Video, we’ll understand the importance of making it packed with all the information that’s needed for your employees.

We’re not Just a Normal Video Production Company

Our experience is unmatched in the world of Induction Videos, so we have the skill and knowledge to guide you every step of the way through the process – ensuring you get the very best Induction Video on the market today.

I would definitely recommend the team at PowerPlus and their services to other companies interested in smoothing out their induction processes or health and safety training.

Make Sure Your Company Message is Heard Through Induction Video

Your company message has to be delivered clearly and concisely and when you have many different sites or offices the problem just gets bigger. With a company induction video, new employees are able to engage and share the goals and aspirations.

They’ll see the history of the company, who their line managers are and all the important health & safety information like uniform, PPE, fire procedures and so on. You’re in control so you can add what you like and by using the video through our portal you’ll have a monitored system of tracking, which enables you to see who’s completed their induction and when.

Why Choose an Induction Video?

As mentioned previously, an induction video is a great way of delivering company information simply, quickly and concisely. If you’ve ever presented regular induction sessions, you’ll know how difficult it is to make sure you deliver the same message every time. You’ll know how much time you’re spending inducting staff that might only be on site for only a few hours and if you have multiple sites, the induction problem just gets bigger!

What better way to conduct a site induction than through an Induction Video? That way your people can complete their induction either on site immediately or better still, before attending! By also using our Safety Portal you can allow them to log on and watch the induction video anywhere, even on their mobile. After watching, they complete a questionnaire to make sure they’ve understood it and then print a certificate off. Now they can arrive on site pre-loaded with all the site-specific induction information they need!

Need Some Induction Video

The Advantages Of Producing A Multi-language Induction Video

“Our message is delivered exactly the same every time.”

“We were able to add or adapt the video to suit our changing requirements (and sites!)”

“Employees can watch the video whenever they want through our own branded CMS Portal.”

“No more travelling the country to induct new staff. All the training can be done remotely.”

“New employees can conduct the induction before they start work so now they come pre-loaded and ready to start.”

“No more “death by PowerPoint”! PowerPlus' videos are designed to be short and engaging while making sure the employee understands their duties fully.”

“We have a legal paper trail in the event of misinterpretation.”

Staff & Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Induction videos can be personalised allowing for the employees to understand about the procedures needed at their workplace as well as using a format that allows the employee to captivate more information.
The staff induction videos allow for an employee to be inducted before arrival or on arrival the choice is completely up to you!
A staff induction video includes different titles, graphics, still images, footage, music, voice-over throughout the video to keep the audience engaged and attentive throughout the video.
By utilising an induction video your staff are able to collect as much information from a video without getting bored by utilising questionnaires at the end of each video.
We recommend video inductions to be no shorter than 15 minutes.