Experts in delivering video inductions to the stadium & stewarding industry

The Stewarding and Stadium industry is known for having a high turnover of staff due to seasonal variations.

This is where the PowerPlus System of Stewarding and Stadium Industry Video Inductions really can help. Our Video Inductions can be sent to workers and agencies before they start, and in doing so help save time and money in giving staff a concise and clear Video Induction before they get to your stadium.

Added to this we can also deliver Counter Terrorism Courses and personalised Stadium Fire Safety videos ensuring that your new (or indeed existing) staff are up to date and ready to go!

Stewarding inductions. They don’t need to be boring!

In a fast-paced and challenging environment like a stadium, stewards turning up primed and ready is paramount to an environment that is safe for stewards, employees and visitors alike.

Stewards will arrive familiar with stadium layouts, who to contact in case of emergency and understand protocols for dealing with difficult situations and have a point of call to refer back to.

Need Some Induction Video

The Advantages Of Producing A Stadiums & Stewarding Induction Video

“Our message is delivered exactly the same every time.”

“We were able to add or adapt the video to suit our changing requirements (and sites!)”

“Employees can watch the video whenever they want through our own branded CMS Portal.”

“No more travelling the country to induct new staff. All the training can be done remotely.”

“New employees can conduct the induction before they start work so now they come pre-loaded and ready to start.”

“No more “death by PowerPoint”! PowerPlus' videos are designed to be short and engaging while making sure the employee understands their duties fully.”

“We have a legal paper trail in the event of misinterpretation.”

Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions

Stadiums hire stewards in vast quantities so training videos help get everyone on the same page before anyone even arrives on site.
We can provide your staff with a full stadium tour as well as a map of the stadium, all assembly points and company policies.
Counter terrorism and personalised stadium fire safety videos can be created to ensure your staff are ready and up to date.
The comfort of completing an induction before arrival on your first day allows for stewards to complete the induction in their own time and at their own pace.
Within the security industry subcontractors are often used and with our compliance management software we can organise and manage subcontractors assuring all necessary training is completed.