Experts in Delivering Video Inductions to the Construction Industry

If you work in the construction industry, you’ll already know how crucial site safety really is. Nothing is more important than making sure Contractors and Visitors don’t just come to work safe but go home safe. This safety ethos needs to be instilled into any site visit from the minute they arrive on site. They also need to be given clear and concise information in an engaging manner that will help them not just keep themselves safe but their work colleagues as well.

That’s where the PowerPlus Construction Site Inductions really do help Directors and Managers alike to be safe in the knowledge they are delivering a message that connects and delivers the same time, every time.

Construction Site Inductions. They don’t Need to be Boring!

If you’ve ever worked on a Construction Site you’ll know by now how boring and mundane a Site Induction can be. The manager comes in, sits you down and starts describing the same words shown on a PowerPoint!

You lose the will to live and don’t take the information in that you should. On top of this you end up signing a piece of paper to say you’ve understood the Site Induction only for it to be filed away in a file that nobody can find in a couple of weeks!

There is a Better Way

Why not try a Construction Site Video to make sure you deliver a more entertaining, more concise and more professional message. Our team of Professionals can script, film, present and animate all your Site Induction Information into one slick delivery. At PowerPlus, we have years and years of experience in dealing with this particular industry – so why not tap into our knowledge of bespoke Site Inductions for your construction company or building site?

We can help teach your employees, contractors and visitors everything they need to know, even before they arrive on site so now they can just grab their tools and get on with the job!

We Care, you Care, we all Care!

We realise that your company message has to be delivered clearly and concisely and when you have many different sites or offices the problem just gets bigger. With a company site induction video, new employees are able to engage and share the goals and aspirations. They’ll see the history of the company, who their line managers are and all the important health & safety information like uniform, PPE, fire procedures, and so on.

You’re in control so you can add what you like and by using the video through our portal you’ll have a monitored system of tracking, which enables you to see who’s completed their induction and when.

Need Some Induction Video

The Advantages Of Producing A Multi-language Induction Video

“Our message is delivered exactly the same every time.”

“We were able to add or adapt the video to suit our changing requirements (and sites!)”

“Employees can watch the video whenever they want through our own branded CMS Portal.”

“No more travelling the country to induct new staff. All the training can be done remotely.”

“New employees can conduct the induction before they start work so now they come pre-loaded and ready to start.”

“No more “death by PowerPoint”! PowerPlus' videos are designed to be short and engaging while making sure the employee understands their duties fully.”

“We have a legal paper trail in the event of misinterpretation.”

Construction & Building Site Frequently Asked Questions

The construction industry is known for employing large amounts of staff and video inductions allow for an employee to take their induction before they arrive at site.
The construction industry works in conditions that have many health and safety requirements all that can be covered by training videos for example confined spaces, working at height, first aid and many more.
Accidents on construction sites happen due to employees not retaining information therefore a video training session followed by a questionnaire allows for confirmation of retained information.
Each course can have personalised expiry dates allowing your employees to renew their health and safety knowledge after any time frame needed.
Video inductions allow for more information to be retained as when PowerPoints are used it is boring and causes people to retain less information.