🔥 Introducing our new Fire Register Software for effortless fire safety compliance! 🔥

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ground breaking Fire Register Software, designed to revolutionise fire safety compliance management. At The Power Plus Group, we understand the challenges faced in maintaining accurate fire registers, and we are committed to simplifying the process for you. So, without further adieu, let’s take a closer look! 🔥🚀

Introduction: Ensuring the safety of individuals in the event of a fire is paramount for any organisation. Quick and accurate identification of personnel present on-site is crucial for effective evacuation procedures and emergency response. To address this challenge, we introduce our revolutionary Fire Register, equipped with a convenient sign-in and sign-out feature using QR codes. Better yet, this solution can also be integrated with any of the door systems that you use throughout your building. This system simplifies the process for staff and contractors, allowing them to effortlessly record their presence while saving crucial data. 💪💼

Effortless Access for Staff and Contractors: Our Fire Register offers a user-friendly solution for accessing your premises. With a simple scan of a QR code on their smartphone, individuals can easily sign in and out, eliminating the need for manual sign-in sheets or complex check-in procedures. This saves time and ensures accurate records. You can even limit sign in to whether operatives have done their induction, or are trained and competent. 📱✅

Comprehensive Data Logging: The Fire Register automatically captures and stores the date and time of each entry, providing a comprehensive log of personnel presence. This data is invaluable for determining on-site personnel, their location, and the number of individuals needing evacuation. It facilitates efficient emergency response and ensures operatives’ safety. 📊🕒

Quick Identification during Roll Call: During a fire emergency, our Fire Register enables quick identification of personnel during a roll call. Each entry includes a tick box, photograph, and contact information, reducing the time required for the process. This allows for a swift and accurate assessment of evacuees and those still on-site. ⏱️📝🚨

Efficient Collaboration with Fire Services: Collaboration with fire services is crucial during emergencies. Our Fire Register provides a clear overview of on-site personnel, including those who have evacuated and those who need to evacuate. This information can be easily shared with fire services upon their arrival, expediting their assessment and action. It enhances communication and coordination for effective emergency response efforts. 🚒🤝🔁

Conclusion: When it comes to fire safety, every second counts. Our Fire Register and contractor control entry system streamline personnel management during emergencies, offering a user-friendly solution for staff, visitors, and contractors. With its QR code sign-in and sign-out feature, comprehensive data logging, quick identification during roll call, and seamless communication capabilities, our system enhances emergency response procedures and ensures on-site safety.

To learn more about how our Fire Register Software can simplify your fire safety compliance, please reach out to us, and let us help you streamline your processes and ensure the safety of your employees and premises.

Together, let’s embrace innovation and make fire safety compliance effortless! 🔥🚀

The Future of Induction Video and its Software.

Filming induction videos in London, UK
Induction Video filming in London

I’ll look back on 2019 with fondness, as it was the year that our site Induction Videos and the Induction Software that powers it, really started to get traction. Yeah, we still get the odd ones saying they’d prefer to stick to “death by power-point” and incredibly they still want to print and file the paperwork away….in duplicate! (Yes, really?) But many more organisations are now realising that that’s just too old school and they know they need to move with the times. They want to be a Netflix not a Blockbuster, they want to be more organised, more cost effective and more environmentally responsible. They want to lead the pack and not just follow. Too many popular businesses have gone to the wall over the years for the simple reason that they couldn’t embrace change, they couldn’t embrace the future of technology. Was that because they were frightened of it? Perhaps we’ll never know but the successful businesses always look for change and constantly search for how they can do it better. That where our development of Induction Videos and the Induction Videos all started.

And we’ve never stopped developing our Induction Video Software. (We’re always looking to develop something new that’ll make life even easier and slicker for our customers.) In fact, just this January after months of development we’ve added…

** A National CSCS Card Database Checker ** A CSCS Card renewal reminder ** Worker site blocking. ** On Line Forms and Signatures. ** Weighted questionnaires to give auto alerts. See more here: https://thepowerplusgroup.com/induction-video/

Example layout of the Power Plus induction video software
A typical Full Induction Video Software Layout with all options available.

Because our customers never stop developing then neither will we. It’s them that drive us! So, to all our old customers old and new, thank you for 2019 and let’s look forward to an even better 2020