The Future of Induction Video and its Software.

Filming induction videos in London, UK
Induction Video filming in London

I’ll look back on 2019 with fondness, as it was the year that our site Induction Videos and the Induction Software that powers it, really started to get traction. Yeah, we still get the odd ones saying they’d prefer to stick to “death by power-point” and incredibly they still want to print and file the paperwork away….in duplicate! (Yes, really?) But many more organisations are now realising that that’s just too old school and they know they need to move with the times. They want to be a Netflix not a Blockbuster, they want to be more organised, more cost effective and more environmentally responsible. They want to lead the pack and not just follow. Too many popular businesses have gone to the wall over the years for the simple reason that they couldn’t embrace change, they couldn’t embrace the future of technology. Was that because they were frightened of it? Perhaps we’ll never know but the successful businesses always look for change and constantly search for how they can do it better. That where our development of Induction Videos and the Induction Videos all started.

And we’ve never stopped developing our Induction Video Software. (We’re always looking to develop something new that’ll make life even easier and slicker for our customers.) In fact, just this January after months of development we’ve added…

** A National CSCS Card Database Checker ** A CSCS Card renewal reminder ** Worker site blocking. ** On Line Forms and Signatures. ** Weighted questionnaires to give auto alerts. See more here:

Example layout of the Power Plus induction video software
A typical Full Induction Video Software Layout with all options available.

Because our customers never stop developing then neither will we. It’s them that drive us! So, to all our old customers old and new, thank you for 2019 and let’s look forward to an even better 2020

(Super) Heroes Just For One Day

Power Plus team members in superhero costumes

Why so super?

Some of the Power Plus team had fun dressing up as superheroes on Friday to support K2 Bond Street’s efforts to help Viking FM raise money for Cash for Kids.

What’s Cash for Kids?

Cash for Kids is a children’s charity based around 22 areas of the UK. The charity supports children aged 0-18 who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from abuse or neglect.

What we got up to

We dressed up as our favourite superheroes and had an interesting time getting to work! We helped to raise money by donating raffle prizes and by buying raffle tickets.

There was also a competition for the best fancy dress costume but sadly no one at Power Plus won it. We think that Adam was robbed since his Spider-Man Homecoming costume was spot on!

Power Plus team members dress up for charity
(Left to right) Adam (our animator) as Spider-Man, Lauren (chief videographer and presenter) as Black Widow, Latara (business development) as Harley Quinn, and Rowena (support services) as Groot.

Our highlight of the day

‘Daddy’s L’il Monster’ Latara turned heads on her way to work … so much so she had to warn one passer by to watch out for traffic!

How you can help

You can support children in your local area by clicking the link below and donating money on the Cash for Kids website.

Our Thoughts

We really enjoyed Superhero Day and it’s great to know that we’re supporting children in our community by joining in the fun.

I have learned that the Power Plus team take their fancy dress seriously so I’ll know to bring my ‘A game’ next time!

Rowena, Support Services at The Power Plus Group