Competition encourages businesses to improve and innovate, for the benefit of their customers, and Competition Law makes sure that businesses are competing on a level playing field and are protected from others acting unfairly.

The Competition Act 1998, or “the Act” prohibits anti-competitive agreements between businesses. In particular, you must not:

  • Agree to fix prices or terms of trade, for example agreeing price rises with your competitors
  • Agree to limit your production to reduce competition
  • Carve up markets or customers, for example agreeing with a competitor that you will bid for one contract and they will bid for another
  • Discriminate between customers, for example charging different prices or imposing different terms where there is no difference in the circumstances of supply

Who Should Take This Course?

In this course, we will make you aware of the behaviours, what to watch out for, and why Competition Law matters. It’s beneficial to anybody at Management level or who deals with big decisions within their companies.

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