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  • license checks every month
  • license change alerts straight to your inbox.
  • all in one easy to use cloud based database

As a company we were spending so many hours doing all the boring Insurance checks, now we just leave it to experts, get on with what we do best and get our monthly report delivered straight to our inbox. It really couldn’t be easier!

App for checking driving licenses through DVLA

Prices start at just £20.00 per month for 10 users.

Welcome to the Powerplus DVLA Licence Checker, your ultimate solution for hassle-free DVLA license checking and management.

Streamline your operations by letting us do it all for you. We help hundreds of businesses like yours with 10 or more drivers every day of the year. Say goodbye to wasting time and hello to real-time insights into your drivers’ points tally and status updates.

With our system, you’ll stay ahead of the game with up-to-the-minute point tallies and vehicle allowances for all your drivers. No more guesswork on who can drive what and how many points they have with outdated information – we keep you informed with monthly updates and instant alerts whenever there’s a change in their details.

But that’s not all, because we understand the importance of keeping information up to date, especially for insurance purposes. So our system ensures that your driver details are always current each month, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with all of your insurance requirements.

So, why not contact us today and experience the convenience of our intuitive management system where you can effortlessly view and manage all your drivers details in one centralised location. Whether you need to track compliance, monitor progress, or ensure regulatory adherence, our system puts you in control.

Don’t let DVLA checks slow you down. Empower yourself with our DVLA license checking system and drive with confidence. Get started today with the Powerplus DVLA Licence Checker.

Driver looking happy after their driving licence checks out with the PowerPlus DVLA driving licence checking online app
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