Asbestos Awareness training helps workers understand the risks associated with the materials, so that they can avoid work that may disturb asbestos. Workers who plan to carry out the work that will disturb asbestos require a higher level of training which is not supported on this course. This training programme does not allow you to work with asbestos containing materials and is used for guidance only.

Course Content Videos

Video 1: What is Asbestos?

Video 2: The Effects of Exposure to Asbestos

Video 3: The Legal Framework

Video 4: Risk Assessment

Video 5: Asbestos Containing Materials

Video 6: Emergency Procedures

Video Durations

Video 1: 4 Minutes 33 Seconds

Video 2: 2 Minutes 22 Seconds

Video 3: 5 Minutes 20 Seconds

Video 4: 4 Minutes 11 Seconds

Video 5: 4 Minutes 29 Seconds

Video 6: 4 Minutes 47 Seconds