Bullying at work takes many forms; it may be covert and insidious or a one-off, blatant instance of bullying behaviour.

Either way, bullying and harassment are always unacceptable.

This bullying and harassment course will explore the difference between bullying and harassment, the laws that protect workers from harassment, and the laws that make tackling bullying a statutory duty for employers.

Who Should Take This Course?

The course will help employers and managers to recognise bullying and create a robust policy that can empower workers to come forward about issues, which will help you to proactively tackle bullying and harassment at work. Therefore it is suitable for all employees across all sectors.

Course Content Videos

Video 1 : Effects on a Business & the Law

Video 2: Definitions and Risk Assessments

Video 3: Policies, Procedures & Support

Video Durations

Video 1: 12 Minutes 40 Seconds

Video 2: 7 Minutes 53 Seconds

Video 3: 9 Minutes 13 Seconds