Over 33m people in England alone hold a valid driving licence - but there’s much more to safe driving than learning what a no-entry sign means. If your work - or any of your staff members - are on the road, it’s important to not only protect yourselves, but members of the general public too. Our Driving Safety training course will provide you with a thorough understanding of what’s required from yourself to keep you and others around you safe on the road. After completing the course, you will be able to identify risks that you can control, what to do in an emergency, and much more. This course lasts approximately 42 minutes in length excluding Q&A for each section.

Who Should Take This Course?

Our Driving Safety training course is for anybody who drives a motor vehicle in their work activities. The course is relevant for HGV drivers as well as those who drive on streets and/or motorways. Although the course is not a driving test, it will give you additional information that will be crucial to your working day and provides a great top-up and reminder of any knowledge to your staff members.

This course has been written with qualified drivers in mind so it is not applicable to those who do not hold a valid UK driving license.

Course Content Videos

Video 1: Seatbelts, Alcohol and Passengers

Video 2: Accidents, Warning Signs and Safety

Video 3: Taking Breaks, Planning and Equipment

Video 4: Motorways, Accidents and Emergencies

Video Durations

Video 1: 9 Minutes 31 Seconds

Video 2: 12 Minutes 26 Seconds

Video 3: 11 Minutes 09 Seconds

Video 4: 8 Minutes 09 Seconds