You may have thought that slavery was something you only see in the history books, but sadly that’s far from the truth.

Slavery is still found in every country around the world, including the UK. Every large company has a responsibility to publish a statement about what it is doing to prevent modern slavery in its business and supply chain.

This means that any small organisation supplying larger ones and government organisations is likely to have to do the same to maintain its business.

This course will cover; Just how big the problem is, what the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is, the responsibilities under the Modern Slavery Act, what Modern Slavery is, how to spot the signs and how to report it.

Who Should Take This Course?

The course will help employers and managers to recognise modern slavery within the workplace, and suitable methods in how to approach it. Therefore it is suitable for all employees across all sectors.

Course Content Videos

Video 1: Modern Slavery Awareness

Video Durations

Video 1: 15 Minutes 34 Seconds