You’d be hard pressed to find any workplace that doesn’t have electrical equipment present in this day and age. In order to maintain safety across any site or office, equipment needs to be PAT tested on a regular basis to ensure they’re working properly.

This course will explain how to spot any equipment that is coming ‘out of date’, as well as what to do in this circumstance, different appliances to PAT test, and the documentation involved in PAT testing.

Who Should Take This Course?

Our PAT Testing course is suitable for anybody that deals with electrics during their working day.

The course is relevant to any members of staff who wish to maintain the safety of their electronic equipment.

This course has been written at an introductory level and no pre-requisite training is required; however, experience of using the relevant machinery would be advantageous.

Course Content Videos

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Different Appliances to PAT test

Video 3: Documentation in PAT testing

Video Durations

Video 1: 7 Minutes 36 Seconds

Video 2: 8 Minutes 43 Seconds

Video 3: 5 Minutes 28 Seconds